I design website for friends and non-profit organisations and charities who require a quality website and have limited funds.  I do not charge for my services. I offer advice on chosing suitable and inexpensive website and domain name hosting that will be needed.

Some customer testimonials:-

John & Nikki Boyle, Cranfield Garden Services "Alan created a great website for us, taking care of all aspects.  The website has bought us lots of new customers and promoted our business brilliantly.  He contacts us regularly, offering to update our pages. Couldnít be happier,†thank†you."

Sophy Osman, ACT (Against Cranfield Turbines) "It looks really great!  I think the tabs all work brilliantly and itís great to be able to click back and forth between them", ". .  It is bright and colourful, with a very neat and clear layout and buttons that are easy to follow.  Itís a credit to you that we say to people:  Just have a look at our website!"

Claire Jones, CJ Murder Mysteries "I am really pleased with the way the site looks."

Mike Coombes, Area Organiser. Bedfordshire CAMRA Branches "I think youíve done an excellent job - highly informative - please keep it up."
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This website is the showcase for the websites that I have designed. I am retired and now design a few websites to keep my brain working! Take a look some examples on the MY WEBSITES gallery page.

I design
MOBILE FRIENDLY websites that automatically display a suitable page size to suit the devices screen width that is being used to view it - whether it be a full sized monitor or a small smartphone.