I  create website for individuals and small companies who require a modest - but impressive - website. If you want a website designed please contact me to see if I can help.

Some customer reactions:-
Sophy Osman, ACT (Against Cranfield Turbines) "It looks really great!  I think the tabs all work brilliantly and itís great to be able to click back and forth between them", ". .  It is bright and colourful, with a very neat and clear layout and buttons that are easy to follow.  Itís a credit to you that we say to people:  Just have a look at our website!"

Claire Jones, CJ Murder Mysteries "I am really pleased with the way the site looks"

Mike Coombes, Area Organiser. Bedfordshire CAMRA Branches ". . . I think youíve done an excellent job - highly informative - please keep it up"
This website has been designed with responsive pages - so if you can read this you are using a device or monitor that can display the full page. A smaller page will automatically appear if you view this website on a smallr screen or smartphone.
This website is the showcase for the websites that I have designed. I am retired and now design websites to keep my brain working! Take a look some examples on the MY WEBSITES gallery page.

I design
MOBILE FRIENDLY websites that automatically display a suitable page size to suit the devices screen width that is being used to view it - whether it be a full sized monitor or a small smartphone.